Gentle Procedures Announces Opening Of Central Toronto Circumcision Clinic


(North York, ON)–Gentle Procedures Toronto has opened a new dedicated circumcision clinic in the Champagne Center in North York, serving central Toronto. The clinic offers the Pollock Technique, a quick and safe circumcision method for infants, children, and adults, reports

With hospital surgical units in high demand, the dedicated clinic is able to offer more availability to patients, who can schedule appointments at their convenience. The small clinic also offers a more pleasant and relaxed ambiance than a large hospital setting. Patients can make an appointment by phone or online, and they can typically expect an appointment within days or weeks of their request. To book an appointment online, patients can visit

While any type of doctor may perform a circumcision, urologists are often preferred because they specialize in the urinary tract and reproductive system. The Central Toronto clinic’s lead physician, Dr. Sing, is a urologist with 18 years of experience. Dr. Sing studied circumcision surgery with Dr. Neil Pollock in order to offer his own patients these highly advanced and minimally invasive techniques. Said Dr. Sing, “I believe that the Pollock technique with its four-step pain protocol is the most effective and painless technique available today.”

“When we treat infants,” he explained, “we prioritize their comfort and offer multiple pain relief treatments. We follow a similar protocol with older patients as well.” Infants are treated with Tylenol, a soothing sugar pacifier to minimize their pain perception, a skin-numbing cream, and an injection of a long-lasting local anesthesia. In addition, the infant is kept warm and soothing music is played.

The procedure itself is performed with the aid of a Mogen clamp, a device that allows a safe and fast procedure, in just a few minutes or less. This method is faster and safer than other popular techniques, and it does not require that any ring remain attached to the body like other methods.

After the procedure, the skin will need some time to heal before the patient resumes normal activities, but most patients report a comfortable and fast recovery. For more information about the procedure and after-care, see

Concluded Dr. Sing, “Although circumcision is most often performed on infants, no one is too old to consider it. We treat many adults who are seeking the procedure for health or cosmetic reasons, and they are pleased with the results.”

About Gentle Procedures Toronto

Gentle Procedures Toronto created a dedicated clinic for circumcision and vasectomy in order to have specialized facilities for performing these relatively simple procedures outside of a hospital setting in central Toronto. Their clients come from all over the province, with some flying in to access the clinic’s specialized expertise. The clinic offers the Pollock Technique, a circumcision method that is quick and proven to be safe.

Gentle Procedures Toronto’s mission is to provide the highest standard of care while treating all patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.