Hickory House Appoints Lyndsey White As Clinical Director


(Greenfield, IN)–Scheduled to open in February of 2017, Hickory House Recovery has just announced that Lyndsey White will be the residential addiction treatment center’s clinical director. With a master’s degree from Youngstown State University and a background in social work and intake and referral management, White was chosen as the best candidate to promote a high level of care for the treatment of addiction, according to Hickory House spokesperson Marcus Hansen.

“We are pleased to welcome Lyndsey to our team,” said Hansen. “She has a proven record of providing compassionate and ethical patient care, and I know she’s going to do a great job overseeing our clinical program.”

Located in the countryside near the city of Indianapolis, the high-end private facility’s rehabilitation services are geared toward adult men and women who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction along with co-existing mental health disorders. Serving only 14 patients at a time, the services are highly personalized. “We are limiting the number to 14,” explained Hansen, “so that each guest can receive the highest quality of care from our staff.”

Hansen went on to outline the clinical experience that the center will provide. For most patients, the first step in freedom from addiction is detox. Hickory House medical professionals will provide a safe and comfortable detox, ensuring that withdrawal symptoms are carefully managed. Detox will be followed by proven treatment methods and an aftercare program to help patients maintain sobriety once they leave the center.

Treatment will begin with a biopsychosocial assessment, an important step in the holistic, mind-body treatment the center sees as a key component of recovery. During the assessment, the patient and the clinician will work together to identify goals and develop a treatment plan. The plan will include some or all of the following therapies, as appropriate: group and individual therapy including DBT, CBT, and motivational interviews; family therapy; experiential therapy; and 12-step therapy. In addition to these core treatments, the center offers complementary therapies including yoga, meditation, and exercise.

Hickory House’s recovery program also includes relapse prevention in the form of an aftercare program. Aftercare may include setting up ongoing outpatient services and arranging for sober living accommodations. Said Hansen, “We recognize that freedom from addiction is a lifelong endeavor and that outpatient support is crucial to long-term success.”

For more information about Hickory House’s treatment plans, intake process, insurance, or payment options, people can visit Their Website or call to talk with a staff member. “We are happy to talk about our services with anyone,” concluded Hansen. “We are here to help people get on the path to recovery and regain control over their lives.”

About Hickory House Recovery

Hickory House Recovery is an Indiana drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment center. Located a short drive outside of Indianapolis, Hickory House will be offering the highest level of care available for the treatment of addiction. Through a collaborative partnership with their treatment team, clients will be able to take back control of their lives without the burden of addiction.

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